How To Change The Security And Privacy Settings For Internet Explorer 11?

It is worth noting that Internet Explorer has its own pop-up blocker. This is enabled by default. The browser lets you make a few changes in the settings-for instance, which sites to support pop-ups on and the type of the notifications you wish to receive.

Ways of changing the security and privacy setting for Internet Explorer 11

Activating/deactivating the pop-up blocker

  1. Firstly, go to the Internet Explorer browser and press on the symbol of a wheel. It is known as the Action /Tools menu. This will be present towards the upper side at the right corner of the browser window.
  2. After that, the drop-down menu gets displayed. Press on Internet Options.
  3. Then, click on the Privacy tab (only if it not working).
  4. Look that the browser’s privacy based options shall be presented before you.
  5. Then, note that towards the end of the window will be a portion having a heading of Pop-up Blocker, comprising an option of a checkbox also with a button.
  6. Observe that the option has a checkbox, having a heading of turning on Pop-up blocker, it is activated by default and offers you to change this setting by switching it on or off. For deactivating Internet Explorer 11’s pop-up blocker whenever you want by not having a tick mark by only pressing on for once. For again activating it, put the tick mark again and click on Apply option.
  7. Lastly, for checking and modifying the behavior of Internet Explorer pop-up blocker, you only need to press on the Settings button.

Give notification when a pop-up is blocked

By this setting Internet Explorer will let you know that pop-up window has got blocked and will present the option to enable the pop-up to get shown on the screen.

The setting of blocking level

From this setting, configurable by a drop-down menu, supports you to select from the given below options of preset pop-up blocker configurations:

•    High- This option shall block every pop-up window from every web. And it can even be changed by pressing the combination of CTRL+ALT keyboard shortcut.

•    Medium- This option is enabled by default. It blocks each pop-up windows but not the one placed in the Local Intranet.

•    Low-This option blocks every pop-up window. But not those that are placed on websites selected to be safe.

Hope you have been able to change the security and privacy settings of Internet Explorer 11.

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